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Better, Faster Rural Internet is Here!

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Bringing better, faster Internet beyond the big cities.

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Our network of local Xplore dealers and technicians are here to keep you connected.

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Read how Xplore Internet is improving day-to-day lives in Canadian communities.

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Get your household connected. Explore a variety of Internet packages and other services, like home phone, available in your area.

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Better, Faster Internet for Rural Canadians

Through our investments in 100% pure fibre Internet, Wireless Home Internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps, and our Next-Generation Satellite Internet, we're proud to offer the connectivity you need to work, learn and play.

But that’s just the start – we’re expanding and improving our network every day.
Xplore Technicians working hard to bring better, faster Internet to rural Canada

About Us

Founded in small-town Canada, Xplore is dedicated to bringing fast, reliable Internet to Canadians in rural communities. With our world-class fibre, wireless, and next-generation satellite infrastructure, combined with a network of local dealers and around-the-clock Canadian-based tech support, you get the Internet connection you need and the peace of mind knowing you’re supported.

You can still find our head office in Woodstock, New Brunswick, where our agents are waiting for your call.

What our customers are saying

We have a couple of gamers and have Xplore Fibre. It's amazing and such a good price right now.

Amber Klassen Xplore Fibre, La Broquerie, MB

We don’t subscribe to any cable or sat anymore so we rely a lot on the Internet for streaming services...It’s no issue to have 2 Netflix accounts and a PlayStation going at the same time.

Joel Skeldon Xplore 5G, Jemseg, NB

Easy installation and friendly service!

Brittney Parks Xplore Fibre, Bridgetown, NS

Xplore is working exceptionally well at my lake home.

Diane Fortier Xplore LTE, Southview Lake Isle, AB

I have been a happy Xplore internet customer for years. Thank you for keeping me connected even when some of the Big Guys go down.

George Elliott Xplore Satellite, Princeton, BC

Best Internet we've ever had.

Jim Mosiuk Xplore Fibre, Miller Lake, Ontario

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